Ahreflink was inspired by a number of websites featured on Hacker News, including websites that provided similar features. I decided to initially focus on domain-related features because I often spend hours trying to find a great domain, and I felt that existing websites were unreliably (e.g. they would often display unavailable domains as available) and/or failed to solve my needs.

The goal is to build reliable features that are always up-to-date and very fast. It's so frustrating to visit a website that's supposed to recommend good domain names end up recommending unavailable domain names most of the times. Or a website that's supposed to provide coupon codes end up providing codes that are wrong 99.99% of the time.

Ahreflink will strive to become a trusted and reliable brand that people will want to recommend, and that people are happy to discover in their web searches. I will initially focus exclusively on domains, but in the future I would like to get involved with other areas as well, such as hosting, vpn, seo, coupons, etc.