Feedback Inspired Changes

I care deeply about user feedback, and I strongly believe that the feedback has already improved the website (and will continue to do so). To encourage people to submit feedback, this page will include all additions and changes that the website has seen as a result of user feedback. Some of the feedback was sent directly to me, while other was discussed on various websites. Most of the feedback simply highlighted a problem, which allowed me to make changes that would not only address their problems, but also improve the website as a whole.


I changed the colours of the title from ahreflink to ahreflink because a fellow developer had misread the name of the website. I realize the name is gibberish to those who don't know what an 'a href' link is, but I feel it's important that those who do know what it is are able to recognize and remember the domain name.


I added a button to hide unavailable domains after a person highlighted the difficulty of differentiating between the red and green colors for those who suffered from colourblindness.

Two-letter domains

I added a table view, which displays all the available two-letter domains in one long list, after a person complained that it was necessary to click at each SLD to see which domains were available.

Domain name finder

I added the ability to prefill the domain 'names', 'TLDs' and 'combinations' using the URL (which will also generate a sharable URL whenever you search) after a user complained that the yellow load buttons included a lot of useless TLDs.

I removed and hid descriptive text after a user highlighted that the pages contained too much text.

Pending changes

I have also received other feedback that I intend to address when the time is right. This includes:

Adding a white theme as a user mentioned that he felt the dark theme was inappropriate. Even though I disagree, then I'm sure many users would appreciate the option to view the site in a white theme.

Adding ability to sort the tables based on price.

I hope this article have managed to convince you that your feedback matters. So please, if you have any feedback or feature requests, then don't hesitate to reach out to me at [email protected].